Client Newsletter

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Invitation to your PPSR training session

On Monday 1st of October 2018, MBIE are launching the new Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) website.

To help you transition to the new site, they're inviting you to join them at free live training demonstrations in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Alternatively, you can attend a live webinar session.

This training is targeting Users that will primarily using the PPSR website to manage their security interests, but will have some relevance for Users that will be managing their security interests through finPOWER Connect. Whilst we recommend finPOWER Connect Clients attend these, Intersoft Systems and its Dealers will have support material available that is more specific to finPOWER Connect User needs.

Free tickets to the event are available by registering online. Spaces are limited, so bookings are essential!

Click here to register now.