Client Newsletter

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

rPPSR Update

Unfortunately, as some of you will no doubt know, MBIE has delayed the go live date of the new PPSR. This was originally to be the 2nd of July, but MBIE has announced this date cannot be met.

A new date is expected to be announced on 31st of May, but they have indicated it is likely to be early in the fourth quarter 2018.

For more information see

The scheduled PPSR training sessions have also been delayed, with no new dates being released yet.

For finPOWER Users

We are aware that many of you already have a time fame locked in for your conversion to finPOWER Connect and we would encourage you to continue to strive to meet those time frames – it just means you will have more time to acclimatise to the new system and start looking at some of the functionality and features that finPOWER Connect offers.

For finPOWER Connect Users

We have released a PPSR ready version of finPOWER Connect, version 3.01.02. this version is ready for the PPSR based on the currently released API from MBIE. However, MBIE may release updates to the PPSR which may require a new version, but we are keeping any additional changes to the system out of the new releases so it should be a relatively minor process to upgrade to it.

We will keep you informed of any new dates from MBIE as they come to hand, but in the interim, please contact me here if you have any queries.