Client Newsletter

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

NEWSFLASH: 21 May 2018

PPSR Go Live Date delayed - we will provide more information when it is available. See A new PPSR in New Zealand for more information.

Time is currently racing by and we are now just 6 weeks before the rPPSR goes live.

MBIE are taking a "Big Bang" cutover approach, so this means that the old system will stop on Friday 29th of June at 5:00pm and the new system will begin on Monday 2nd of July.

There will be NO PPSR access during the cutover weekend.

This also means other services such as MotorWeb and Centrix Wheels will not be able to access the PPSR.

finPOWER Connect Users

If you currently use finPOWER Connect, we have uploaded a finPOWER Connect rPPSR Guide to our website to assist with this transition.

Additional Information

MBIE have advised that existing Users and Organisations (and the associated Direct Debit authority) will not be migrating from the existing PPSR.

This means there will be a two week period available for Customer onboarding.

  • MBIE will NOT be migrating Users and Organisation Accounts from the existing PPSR
  • Organisations will start afresh with new Users and Direct Debits

All Organisation Account(s), User(s) and Direct Debit(s) must be setup during Thursday 14th to Wednesday 27th June.

MBIE Training Sessions

MBIE will be providing training sessions for Clients that use the PPSR Web User Interface. You can register for these sessions here.

However, this isn't mandatory for finPOWER Connect Users as your Registrations, Amends, Discharges and Renewals should always be completed via finPOWER Connect and NOT via the PPSR website.