Avanti Finance Transforms to faster Digital Loan Process

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Avanti Finance Transforms to faster Digital Loan Process with Secured Signing's Trusted Signature Solution

Avanti Finance customers can now enjoy a faster turnaround as they can sign loan documents online using Secured Signing’s digital signature solution as part of their finPOWER Connect Loan Management system.

Avanti Finance have been providing finance solutions to its customers for over 25 years and pride themselves on helping people solve problems and grab opportunities by providing the money they need quickly and easily. With the addition of digital signing, Avanti Finance can offer an even faster solution to its customers, that is completely online. Stephen Massey, Head of Consumer for Avanti Finance says "The feedback from both Brokers and Customers has been very positive. The Secured Signing solution has allowed us to design a signing process and experience that is flexible and meets the needs of both the Broker and the Customer".

Secured Signing delivers a great alternative to traditional paper based signing. The clear advantage is improvement to the speed of transactions, especially when multiple signatures are required with signee's spread across different locations. The convenience of online signing is backed up by the security, authenticity and legal compliance that can only be achieved with personal X509 digital signature. With a clear audit log, two factor authentications and the option to include video confirmation, Secured Signing's trusted digital signature solution is legally binding and gives you added evidence that exceeds legal requirements to be sure who is behind the keyboard.

"The driver to implement digital signatures in our business was driven by our goal to speed up the turnaround time on loan origination and simplify the acceptance process; both improving the overall customer experience" Stephen Massey said. Avanti Finance identified that not having an electronic signature capability was a gap in their offering and were impressed with the simplicity and security that Secured Signing provides. Since launching digital signing of documents generated directly from finPOWER Connect, Avanti Finance have benefited from a reduction in the time that it takes for loan documents to be signed and returned from Brokers and Customers. "It is great to see customers like Avanti Finance taking full advantage of Secured Signing's comprehensive capability to embed the convenience and security of online digital signatures into their offering." says Mike Eyal, Founder and Managing Director of Secured Signing. "The Avanti Finance team are certainly meeting their customers' expectation for a quick approval process that is completely online. I'm sure they will have every success."