Movember strikes again

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Do you have fond memories of the days when men were clean cut and shaved every day just to feel fresh and keep their womenfolk happy?

Well those days are gone, at least for the month now known as Movember, as the photo below proves. Yes, it’s the time when at least some of us go against all that we and our better halves hold dear and try our hardest to grow some facial fuzz for the benefit of men everywhere. As you can see, some are better at growing moustaches than others, and some have already taken up the offer to donate money instead of growing this year.

The competition for best mo growth is a little less competitive this year, with only three of us left in the running. That will teach me for offering a life-line of donating a little for the cause instead of experience the joy of growing a truly splendid soup strainer.

Congratulations should go out to Scott, who at least grew a fine lip caterpillar for the first week before caving and shaving. And to our new man Martin who, despite his wife buying him a fantastic Mo t-shirt to replace the burgeoning face furniture, is still growing strong.

Movember 2012

Remember, we are not just doing this to annoy our wives, we really are doing this to support a good cause and would greatly appreciate your help to make this Movember the most successful one ever. Donate to our team moPOWER, or find your favourite team member and bump up their donation total.