Movember week 3 update

Friday, 19 November 2010

November, it’s the time of year when lots of good things are growing; flowers, strawberries, ducklings and the lawn. But the most important thing is that the men from Intersoft are also growing, moustaches. That’s right, it’s Movember again. We’ve been holding the facial follicles back all year in preparation for this the most manly of months, where we get to let our upper lips feel the tickle of new growth. Of course, there are sacrifices to be made. Most of us have to live with our wives ignoring us for the whole month, and others have to endure the taunts from the men who can actually grow a decent Mo.

Movember photo 2010 NZ

But it’s all for a good cause. We’re not just doing it to torment our wives, we’re growing a Mo to raise awareness and money for men’s health, and prostate cancer in particular. So help us out, you can see that we need it. Donate to our team by following the link here.

Not only will we appreciate it, but men all over New Zealand will benefit from your kind donation.

Thanks for your support, and for those of you who can’t stand a man with facial hair remember, it’s all over in another week.