Loan & Deposit Management

finPOWER Connect offers desktop and cloud-based software solutions for managing loan and deposit accounts.

From pay-day loans to mortgages to term deposits and from single user to large dealer networks with hundreds of users, finPOWER Connect scales to meet your business needs.

Functional & Flexible

Whether looking to configure a unique lending product or business model or a more conventional system, finPOWER Connect can assist you.

Numerous options allow finPOWER Connect to work the way you do and reflect your unique lending business.

finPOWER Connect offers multiple platforms, account types and options to provide a software system that truly reflects your business.

Work Where You Want

Use a Windows PC to access our desktop software or use almost any device running a modern Web browser to access our web-based interface.

Management Reporting

Analyse your data using finPOWER Connect's powerful reporting tools.

Out of the Box

Over 150 built-in reports with an almost unlimited number of querying and grouping options


Custom reports and tools can be created via HTML Widgets or Report Templates


Use our APIs to create reports outside of finPOWER Connect

Custom Solutions

If out-of-the-box functionality doesn't meet all of your needs then our customisation options will.


Workflows allow you to model and automate your business processes

Forms & Reports

Create custom forms and reporting tools, for both the desktop and web, using HTML Widgets

Loan Calculator

Add a loan calculator or application form to your existing web site using HTML Widgets


Use our .NET and web services APIs to interact with finPOWER Connect from your own applications or web site


Scripting allows deep customisation such as changing loan and interest calculations


Use our Portals module to create custom web portals for your clients, brokers and dealer networks


Used by over 400 companies in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide.

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