fdPOWER Additional Add Ons

Other Add-Ons available for fdPOWER include:

Library Editor

Used to change the standard Charge Types, Employee Types and Name Types.

Table Editor

Used to alter the standard database tables and fields.

Page Editor

Used to alter the way the screens look and where they appear in the sequence.

Arrangement Types

Used to assign new or change standard Arrangement Types, eg Repatriations.

Editor Combo Pack

A combination that includes Library, Table and Page Editors and Arrangement Types Add-Ons.

Branch Editor

Used for assigning Arrangements to individual branches.

Hebrew Date

Provides Hebrew date capabilities as well as Georgian dates.

Register Add-on

This feature allows fdPOWER to log and track certain events; for example as an Ashes Register, the events associated with the Ashes are logged. fdPOWER can scan the Arrangements looking for a particular status then produce various documents and log them in the Register. For example, letters according to status and last letter sent might be generated.