Thursday, 4 December 2008

This Movember the men of Intersoft once again threw caution to the wind and, risking the wrath of their women folk, completely disregarded their top lips whilst performing their daily shave. Some of the wives, it has to be said, put up no objections, but a few of the lads spent most of the month on the outer at home. We all appreciate the sacrifices made gents.

Of course none of us sprouted moustaches because we wanted to; it was purely because it was in the name of charity and we managed to buck this year’s national downward trend by actually raising a little bit more than last year. John Rickard proved to be the best at conning money out of his friends and family, pulling in an impressive $265. I’m happy to say that Intersoft also came to the party, matching donations up to $500 and boosting our total for the month up to a very impressive $1,245.

So well done to all of you out there who sponsored our lip warmers this year. For those of you who didn’t, we’ll be back at it next year and we know where you live. It really is all for a good cause. This month we discovered that two blokes we know are currently undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer. It really does hit the message home and makes the team fundraising effort just that little bit more worthwhile.